Tar & Chip Paving

Tar & Chip Coat Paving

23 RBC tarchip 800 Our services include tar and Chip paving. Pioneer Paving is trained and experienced to provide the best asphalt paving and asphalt paving alternatives. Tar and Chip paving is also known as chip coating and is a very close alternative to asphalt pavement. After surface grading is performed to the proper specifications asphalt cement (or tar) is applied to the road or driveway. Even distribution and the right consistency at the correct temperature are applied in preparation for the gravel. Once the gravel is placed that it is pressed with a large heavy roller that compacts the gravel into the asphalt cement.

  • Farm Produce Paved Lanes
  • Commercial Farm Access Roads
  • Industrial Farm Roads
  • Private Driveway Pavement
  • Homeowner Property Access
  • Chip Coating Asphalt Cement
  • Gravel or Dirt Drive Alternative

This method of paving is a perfect solution for many large-scale agricultural farms. Homeowners who would like better access to their property via access roads and driveways often select this alternative. Pioneer Paving is experienced in the Tar and Chip process. We can save you and your farm business from expensive maintenance and aggravation by providing Tar and Chip pavement access lanes.

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