About Pioneer Paving

20 RBC tarchip 600Pioneer Paving is an expert paving and asphalt application company. We provide quality work for both Commercial and Residential clients with the best paving service for their projects. In addition to asphalt paving, we also provide Tar and Chip Paving for Industrial and Private Agricultural Farms. Our service and expertise extend to Runways, Landing Strips, and Athletic Surfaces, such as Tennis Courts and Running Tracks.
We are a family-owned, American business. We support our local business community and its patrons. We believe in hard work and dedication to our clients. As a third-generation paving company, we are established on quality customer service for long-standing clients and loyalty.
Whether you are a new customer or you have been a client for years we promise to provide you the best asphalt paving service that you can expect. Please call or contact us today to schedule an appointment to discuss your paving and asphalt needs.1959 RBC tarchip 800

Pioneer Asphalt Paving Company • A Paving solution is waiting for your Asphalt project.
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